5 Ways People Thrive in Self Isolation

Productive and Feeling Good with a Koala Weighted Blanket

A year from now, many TED-talk-worthy stories will surface about how Self Isolation and Social Distancing was used by individuals to rest, heal, and emerge stronger.

Amid the chaos and panic, there are inspiring accounts of people thriving despite these unfortunate circumstances.

Koala Weighted Blankets have contributed to their success. Here’s how. 

1. Restorative Sleep with Weighted Blankets

Scroll through our Testimonials Pages to witness inspiring stories of the Koala Weighted Blanket changing the lives of the most dysfunctional sleepers!

If you only knew how sleep deprivation makes us vulnerable to cancer, obesity , Alzheimer’s, anxiety and depression, you would understand why sleep experts say “sleep should be prescribed”. Yes, it’s that important.

For obvious reasons, people now have the time to catch up on sleep. And Koala Blanket owners are cashing in.

Koala Blanket promotes deep, restorative sleep

Scientific literature explains how weighted blankets enhance the therapeutic benefits of sleep. Deep Touch Therapy provided by the weight of the blanket enables the user to fall asleep faster, sleep uninterrupted, and reach the deep/restorative stages of sleep (Google it...it’s fascinating)!

The immediate boosts in energy, quickly increases the quality and productivity of their day. And the long term health benefits of proper sleep will transform their life. Just ask the sleep experts. And ask our customers!

2. Calms the Mind, Fuels Concentration

Struggles with lack of productivity & focus in the workplace is common. However, after being confined to their makeshift home offices, many have experienced a surge in mental clarity and focus WHILE CLOAKED IN THEIR KOALA BLANKET!

Elevated concentration while working with a Koala Blanket

It makes sense!

Again, the Deep Touch Therapy provided by the weight of the Koala, is responsible for a calming/relaxing chemical response in the body. This results in very productive levels of concentration and many people “wearing” their Koalas to work!

3. An Eternal Hug - a sense of Well-Being 

We have been bombarded with a myriad of reasons to be stressed and angry. Nothing is more comforting than a loving embrace. When you’re alone or social distancing, the cosy grip of the Koala Blanket warms the heart. The feeling of being comforted goes a long way towards coping with this challenging situation.

Deep Touch Therapy of a weighted blanket

Again, it makes sense. The weight of the Koala creates a soothing response in the body (this is Deep Touch Therapy at work!).

The ability to think clearly, make rational decisions and overcome obstacles depends on a sense of well-being. 

4. Yoga, Meditation - an Upgrade to any Hobby! 

The millions of people dedicated to the art of yoga and meditation, is proof of its empowering influence. And we’ve spoken about the calming, soothing & relaxing reponse experienced by your body when under a weighted blanket.

Put the two together, you have a powerful combo. 

Weighted blankets are a perfect meditation companion

Deep Touch Therapy provided by your Koala Blanket assists in the lengthening & deepening of your breath resulting in a heightened sense of Serenity and Stillness. Your Koala becomes an important meditation partner and companion for any hobby.

The ability to step away from the disarray and turmoil goes a long way towards managing your mental health and nurturing your sense of well-being. 

5. Netflix and Chill - your Couch Surfing Assistant 

Spend more time reading or binge watching your new favourite show. Even the most uncomfortable couch can be transformed into a snuggly, cushy, safe-haven. Use your Koala Blanket to outsmart the sinister villains or into battle against fire-breathing dragons.

Koala Weighted Blanket - perfect for the couch or bed

If your couch is already comfortable, experience the deepest, most refreshing nap, from which you will awaken with boundless energy. 

A Gift from the Koala Blanket Founder:

Hi, I am Chris, the Founder of Koala Weighted Blankets.

Wow! When I started this company, I tried to visualize all the challenging situations that our team would have to face and overcome. This has caught us off guard!

But thanks to you, our loyal customers, we are in a position to help the people of the UK cope with this rocky terrain.

It is important that we are well rested, remain calm, and bring positive energy to the problems we face each day.

Our mission has always been to improve the health of our customers by lowering stress & anxiety and increasing the therapeutic benefits of sleep. The Koala Blanket has helped thousands do that and much more.

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  • Sleep, Relax and Smile! 

All the best from Chris and the KalmKoala.com Team 

Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set

Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set



The Koala Blanket is a therapeutic weighted blanket that uses deep touch technology to calm the central nervous system to help stabilise your stress levels, increase relaxation and improve sleep.

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