Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Koala Weighted Blanket?
Who is it made for? Which disabilities, disorders and symptoms can a Koala Blanket help with?
How heavy should my blanket be?
How to choose the right size?
Is the Koala Blanket hot?
Contraindication for using weighted blanket
During pregnancy
Is the blanket machine washable?
Is the Koala weighted blanket hypoallergenic?
What is the Koala weighted blanket filled with?
How long will it take to get used to the Koala Blanket?
How does the Koala Blanket stay cool?
Is the Koala Blanket suitable for toddlers?
Can the Koala Blanket help with anxiety?
What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?
Which is better, glass or plastic beads?
What is a good starting weight for an adult?
How to kill bed bugs on a weighted blanket?
How long is it safe to use a weighted blanket?
What goes in a weighted blanket?
Why do autistic people like weighted blankets?
What is the advantage of a weighted blanket with glass beads vs poly beads?
How do I use a weighted blanket in the summer?
How to choose the right lb weight for a weighted blanket
Recommended Weight for Kids Weighted Blankets