Getting the Best out of Social Distancing - with a Koala Blanket

Koala Blanket promotes Deep, Uninterrupted Sleep

Self Isolating and Social Distancing. Is it more painful than the virus? It depends on who you ask. Either way, we are social creatures who gain strength in the presence of our brothers and sisters. Depriving us of an integral part of our health and happiness, EACHOTHER, can be a painful and traumatic experience.

We at KalmKoala assure you that our Koala Weighted Blanket can replenish lost pleasure and even provide some therapy. Here’s how!

Deep, Uninterrupted Sleep

Starting the day refreshed, with a clear mind, will go a long way towards coping with the loneliness of social distancing.

Yes. It’s extremely difficult to fall asleep when thinking about the global dilemma we're currently involved in. Weighted Blankets are scientifically proven to improve the quality of sleep. The Deep Pressure created by the blankets (similar to a swaddled baby) “calms the mind and body”, encouraging restorative sleep.

Read through Koala Blanket testimonials to learn the inspiring stories of how thousands have overcome sleep adversity with a weighted blanket. You’ll understand why Weighted Blankets are the most popular health trend.

Calm the Mind  

Picture a baby swaddled in a blanket. Or picture that same baby peacefully sleeping in a parent’s embrace.

You’re picturing Calmness.

You can experience this while under the weight of a Koala Blanket. Scientific literature has written volumes about Deep Touch Pressure created by the weight of the Blanket. 

Koala Blanket promotes deep, restorative sleep

The result is a clear and calm mind. In this time of panic and frenzy, it is imperative we’re able to control our emotions and make rational decisions.

Increase Productivity and Focus

Reap the benefits of the Koala’s Deep Touch Pressure while in the home-office. Drape yourself with the Focus-Inducing properties of the Koala Blanket.

Remember, uncertainty and stress can derail your career and put strain on your relationships

Hugs and Cuddles

Nothing feels better than a loving embrace. When you’re alone or social distancing, the cosy grip of the Koala Blanket warms the heart. Again, you can even refer to scientific literature about the therapeutic benefits generated by a hug.

And Koala has found a way to give you an everlasting hug!

Netflix and Chill - your Couch Surfing Assistant

Spend more time reading or binge watching your new favourite show. Even the most uncomfortable couch can be transformed into a snuggly, cushy, safe-haven. Use your Koala Blanket to outsmart the sinister villains or into battle against fire-breathing dragons.

Koala Weighted Blanket - perfect for the couch or bed

If your couch is already comfortable, experience the deepest, most refreshing nap, from which you will awaken with boundless energy.

Yoga, Meditation - Great with any Hobby!

Cloak yourself in a velvety, lushness that will only enhance your yoga or meditation practice. Once again, the Deep Touch Pressure of the blanket will assist the lengthening and deepening of your breath. Achieve heightened states of relaxation and serenity with the Koala Blanket, the meditation partner you’ve been missing.

Weighted blankets are a perfect meditation companion

Feel free to take the Koala with you into every room. It will change your experience. It’s the perfect companion to any hobby!

A Gift from the Koala Blanket Founder:

Hi, I am Chris, the Founder of Koala Weighted Blankets.

Wow! When I started this company, I tried to visualize all the challenging situations that our team would have to face and overcome. This has caught us off guard!

But thanks to you, our loyal customers, we are in a position to help the people of the UK cope with this rocky terrain.

It is important that we are well rested, remain calm, and bring positive energy to the problems we face each day.

Our mission has always been to improve the health of our customers by lowering stress & anxiety and increasing the therapeutic benefits of sleep. The Koala Blanket has helped thousands do that and much more.

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  • Sleep, Relax and Smile! 

All the best from Chris and the Team 

Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set
Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set

Koala™ Therapeutic Weighted Blanket Set



The Koala Blanket is a therapeutic weighted blanket that uses deep touch technology to calm the central nervous system to help stabilise your stress levels, increase relaxation and improve sleep.

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Use Voucher "NEW20" At Checkout And Save An EXTRA £20!!!

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