Choosing The Weight & Size

The Koala Blanket comes in three weights: 4kg, 6.8kg and 9kg.

To ensure the proper therapeutic effect when using your Koala Blanket, we recommend your blanket weighs 7 to 13% of your bodyweight. This recommendation is based on scientific research. We’ve found that using a Koala Blanket that’s less than 7% of your bodyweight may not have the same benefits.

Choose your bodyweight
35 Kg

blanket weight:


Choose the correct size.


The Koala blanket has 2 sizes:
-48x78 inches
-60x80 inches

When using your Koala blanket, ensure that you distribute the blanket evenly across your body. This will result in the most relaxing and calming experience.

The Koala blanket comes with a 30-night guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply return the blanket, and we’ll process a full refund.