KalmKoala - Kalm Pillow

Key Features

Machine washable, padded 100% cotton cover
100% microfiber, shredded memory foam filling
Easily customisable for the perfect pillow tension
Engineered for all sleep positions: stomach, back, side
Highly breathable and durable
Available in two sizes: standard and king
Delivered from the UK with express free shipping
30-night money-back guarantee
 Literally the best thing I’ve ever slept on. I love the customisation feature. Because of that, I’ve never slept so good. 

Amy Wilson. | UK
Personalise your kalm pillow to your ideal height and firmness for the best sleep possible no matter your preferred sleeping position.
Additional memory foam filling, available in an extra mesh bag that can be used as a travel pillow, for your personalization needs.
High quality, ultra-soft, 100% cotton, pillow cover that is extremely easy to care for to ensure the longevity of your kalm pillow.
1 for £69 | 2 for £119

Kalm Pillow Specifications

Engineered to last, the Kalm Pillow is made with high quality, 100% cotton and filled with 100% microfiber memory foam. The Kalm Pillow’s protective cover is breathable and easy to care for.
Standard size: 48*74cm
King size: 48*89cm

Care for your Kalm Pillow with ease:
- Simply remove your Kalm Pillow’s outer cover and place it in the washing machine.
- Do not soak or bleach. Do not iron. 
- Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat. 
- Once dry, place the outer cover back on your Kalm Pillow and enjoy deep, restorative sleep.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at support@kalmkoala.com

Ready for Kalm, restorative sleep?

The Kalm Pillow is crafted for all sleepers. Easily customise it by removing or adding shredded memory foam filling for the perfect tension for your sleep position. As soon as you rest your head on this highly-luxurious pillow, you’ll be sleeping like a Koala in no time.

1 for £69 | 2 for £119
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